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Multi-directional exhaust port directs exhaust air away from operator. rotatable 360 degrees by hand

Rubber Bumpers protect the surface of work piece from scratches / damages

Rubberized grip

Tool Hook

Toolless Clearing of Jams Enables quick removal of jammed nails.

Toolless driving depth adjustment simply by turning the adjuster in the direction of A for deeper setting, in the direction of B for shallower setting

Remaining nail view windows, Allows checking of remaining nails at a glance.

Standard Equipment

Nose protector, oil, safety glasses, carrying case


Staple Length/Gauge: 15-50mm/18g

Max Pressure: 115psi

Recommended Compressor: AC640/MAC610/2

Magazine Capacity: 100

Magazine Angle: straight

Net Weight: 1.4kg