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Category Cordless drill
Voltage 18 V
Capacity 2 Ah
Technology Li-ion
No. of power packs included 3
Tool holder Keyless drill chuck
Drill chuck clamping range 1,5 - 13 mm
Features incl. third battery, incl. case
Drive type 2-speed
Weight 1.6 kg

Highlights & details


  • 18 V/3 x 2 Ah Li-ion battery
  • Torque (max.) (soft/hard) 25/50 Nm
  • torque levels 15+1



Powerful compact drill screwdriver with short design and integrated LED work light with after-glow function for optimum brightness in the work area. Practical belt hook, either the left or right can be fixed. Robust battery packs with capacity display for checking charge status.



  • Right/left-handed rotation
  • Lithium-ion technology
  • 2-gear transmission
  • LED work light with after-glow function
  • Belt hook
  • Display of charging status
  • Ultra-M technology
  • Aluminum die-cast gearbox housing.


Included in delivery


  • And Bitdepot belt hook
  • 3 x Li-Power battery (18 V/2 Ah)
  • SC 60 Plus Charger
  • Quick-release chuck
  • Plastic case.


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