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  • 1 High-quality 48-tooth carbide blade
  • 55" guide rail
  • Chip deflector
  • Splinter guard
  • In Systainer 4


  • Bring the accuracy of a panel saw to any site with the Festool portable saw and guide rail.
  • Dust extraction port for cleaner air and a clear view of the work piece.
  • Saw close to edges, cut apertures and false joints, and cut to length.
  • For solid wood, fine veneered panels and sheet goods of all kinds, plastic and aluminum.
  • Comfortable, precise, and safe, thanks to guided saw blade with plunge-cut principle.
  • Quick and easy cutting depth adjustment.
  • Bevel unit allows you to swivel the blade by up to 45 degrees on the guide rail for clean cut edges even on bevel cuts.
  • Reliable and durable thanks to sturdy drive, bearings, and gear elements.
  • Chip and dust extractor port for healthier working.
  • Integrated guide slot supplied for guide rail.
  • Spindle stop for quick and easy blade changes.
  • MMC electronics with 6 control and monitoring functions, including soft start, constant speed under load, stepless speed adjustment, temperature and current-triggered overload protection