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350 Watt Electronic Disc Sander SXE 450 TurboTec


·          Multi-purpose machine for sanding even and cambered surfaces, wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals, sheet steel

·          Rotating and additional oscillating movement of backing pad for optimum finish

·          Variospeed (V) electronics

·          Thumbwheel for preselection of speed

·          TurboBoost switch: allows additional power reserves to be employed for achieving maximum removal

·          No scratches while placing the running machine on the material (Power Control System)

·          "Duo" Oscillating circuit setting for finishing or more cut

·          Removable side handle

·          Dust-proof ball bearing

·          Sturdy aluminum die cast bearing housing

·          Velcro-faced backing pad

·          Vibration damping, non-slip rubber support on the machine housing and the handle

·          Dust extraction unit with Intec filter system, multiple cleaning

·          External dust extraction outlet



Comparative device characteristics

 Diameter of backing pad

150 mm

 No load speed

13100 /min

 Rated input power

350 W

 Output power

180 W

 Rated load speed

8.500 /min

 Oscillating circuit

2,8/6,2 mm

 Weight (without mains cable)

2,2 kg



Scope of delivery

 velcro-faced backing pad,  3 perforated cling-fit sanding sheets,  hexagon spanner,  removable side handle,  dust collector cartridge,  1 pleated filter