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1200 Watt Electronic Orbital Sabre Saw PSE 1200


·          To saw wood, plastics, metal pipes and profiles

·          Powerful, sturdy motor

·          Sheathed die cast aluminium gear housing

·          Selectable pendulum stroke

·          Variospeed (V) electronics

·          Electronic soft start

·          Saw blade rotatable by 180°

·          Metabo "Quick" saw blade change

·          Depth guide adjustable without tools

·          Multi-purpose machine that will accept a comprehensive range of saw blades



Comparative device characteristics


15 Nm

 Strokes at no load

0 - 2.600 /min

 Rated input power

1.200 W

 Output power

650 W

 Saw blade stroke

28 mm

 Weight (without mains cable)

4 kg



Scope of delivery

 3 saw blades,  carry case